Travel Insurance

Why should I purchase travel insurance?

Consider the following conditions:
Due to climate conditions and inappropriate food you are affected by heatstroke and food poisoning and you need immediate medical care.

– You have lost your suitcase in airport and need some necessary supplies.
– You have lost your bag and your medicine in it. You need to buy your drugs.
– Your wallet and papers have been stolen and you need your money and papers.
– Due to sickness or death of your relatives you must return from your trip.

These are a number of risks you may encounter in your journey.
It makes no difference you are going to have a short or long trip, pasargad Travel Insurance puts the most complete traveling insurance at your disposal with the appropriate price.
Now by using fast online inquiry and presenting a copy of your, the length of your trip and the destination, you can conveniently purchase your pasargad Travel Insurance each time with a plan that suits you and your trip best.

Advantages of pasargad Travel Insurance

– Without any requirement for payment of any expense by you
– Utilization from international assistance conveyance services by Mideast Assistance Company
– Rendering round-the-clock support 24/7 all around the world
– Call Center support provided in Persian, English and other languages.
– No age limit